Gillies and Mackay Ltd

  • Garden Centres, Hardware & Household

Bespoke Garden Buildings - Handcrafted, Delivered & Assembled throughout Scotland & N England.

- Sheds

- Summer Houses 

- Garages 

- Garden Rooms

No-one makes sheds like we do - we live and breathe Gillies and Mackay, every single day. 

"Let's make the best Sheds in the world!" 

Many, many years ago now, Dad, Uncle Grant and I were having a meeting about costs.

Dad was deliberating over the cost of timber with the solution to our problem being to spend more. We kept having the same converstations about improvements we wanted to make vs the cost of doing so. 

Grant said - "well if were to do that we may as well make the best Sheds in the world!" 

I said, "why don't we? Let's make the best Sheds in the world!!"

Ever since that day we set the precedent for every single G&M building that would leave our workshop - it would be an exact representation of what we all stand for, honest, hardworking and built to last a life time. 

We make; Sheds, Summerhouses, Garages and Garden Rooms. 

We believe in a Shedlife for every garden. 

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