About Us

What is LocalToYourDoor?

A local community where everyone works to promote local shops and services hit by the current Covid-19 outbreak.

We are a FREE service for local businesses to list their services.

An invaluable resource for local people in lockdown trying to find businesses who will deliver or offer collection services.

Who is it for?

  • Local businesses offering local delivery and other services.
  • Local people looking to support local businesses.
  • Local businesses looking to work together.

How it Works

For Local Businesses

Add your FREE listing on here. It's simple and takes less than 5 minutes. This can include all your contact details and a link to your existing website if you have one.

Every listing automatically creates a contact form that allows customers to contact you directly and immediately. If there is demand, we may in future add product listings with click to buy links so not only can you tell people what you do they can order directly from your listing.

Tell everyone about this site. Post it on your social media. The more we all promote LocalToYourDoor the more people will come and the better it works.

For Local People

You can use LocalToYourDoor to search for delivery and collection services in your area.

Contact local businesses direct from their listing. All the contact details are there including a contact form that emails the business directly.

Every listing has social media links. Please use them. A quick tweet or Facebook post can make all the difference. The more people you tell about LocalToYourDoor the more local businesses and local people can benefit.

Who are we?

LocalToYourDoor has been set up by Horisk Leslie Development.

We are a small web development business based in Cupar, Fife. As a web development business we wanted to find a way to use our skills to help during the corona virus outbreak. Our idea is to help local communities by providing a free service to local businesses and local people.

Many local businesses are adapting and launching delivery and collection services to serve their customers but may not have an easy way to tell everyone what they are doing. That's where we come in. We have built this site to give local businesses a quick and simple way to tell everyone about their delivery and collection services.

It is more important than ever that we support our local businesses and this is just our little effort to help.

Why are we doing this?

We are web developers and a small local business based in Fife. We want to help local business who may be struggling to get the word out about new delivery or collection services they are offering.

Not every business has a web site or an online shop so we created LocalToYourDoor to be a simple, FREE service that any local business can use to list their services.

We have seen a few online lists of local businesses now doing deliveries appearing online since the lockdown started. These are good but rely on people finding them by chance. The listings tend to just be text, collated by an organisation or individual, they are not searchable and have very little information on what each business offers and how to contact them.

We think we can do better by giving local businesses a place where they can create a rich listing about their business themselves. We want to bring all this information together in one place. It will be more useful and easier for us all to promote if we do that.

What Next?

For Local Businesses

Right now we are open for businesses to register. Click here to sign up and create your first listing.

For Local People

Join our mailing list and when we get up and running we will email you to let you know. Don't worry we will only email you once - you aren't signing up for a never-ending stream of emails.